The Life Story of Declan Rice

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For ” Declan Rice “, the key player of West Ham. the so-called The form is clearly in its advanced stages. Discussion will also take on the vice captain of ” The Hammer ,” he has become a stand in the middle of the England series is completed with.  

His midfield strengths include many factors. Whether it’s passing the ball with a very high percentage of accuracy. including chasing and destroying rival ufabet games and one-on-one duels . He is also a midfielder who has switched from defensive to offensive. and bring the ball forward fearlessly  

Why do many English clubs to get his autograph. With full equipment in the middle. And at a young age of only 22 years, West Ham. The price is set as high as 1000 million pounds ever.  

However, to get to this point, Rice had to go through a story. And many battles starting from childhood pass the footstep test. And join the Chelsea Academy Until breaking through obstacles with the youth team of West Ham. Until stepping into the big team like the present  

Rice describes his childhood life. Declan Rice has known that he loves football since he can remember. “ I always touch the ball with my hands and feet. Whether it is tennis , basketball, baseball. or a soccer ball. So I think mom and dad already know What do I want to do? ”

“ I have to thank my father. because you always help me He took me to a local park. for me to touch the soccer ball With a kick to me from 5 yards … I’m the youngest. Based on my 3 people both Conor and Jordan older than me slightly. When i grow up So I want to play with them. and their friends. ”

” Even I was 6-7 years old. I have a duel soccer team of 5 people I fed the ball through the opponent. And they can not believe that I do not think. That I was determined to do something in football that it is very difficult path. And you need to work hard. However, I’m not like other players. back to childhood I’ve never played football with a system of play. So my stride is slightly different. ”

“ My brother used to play for the local team, Jordan is a good player. He was seriously injured. But he loves football, and Conor is doing great. But he lacked enthusiasm. My father saw everything that happened. You see pictures of children competing. Along with the shouts of the parents outside the field You don’t want me to have that kind of experience. ”