Pep Guardiola has his say on Xavi’s Barcelona unveiling

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Pep Guardiola has his say on Xavi ‘s Barcelona unveiling. Manchester City striker Ferran Torres is one of two shortlist players that new Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez wants to join urgently. With Dani Olmo of RB Leipzig attacker

A report from ‘ Raimundo Deportivo Bowl ‘ Media’s local operating philosophy selective pores are right in their own coaches youth aged 41 years, was notify to the Bank . The club , Joan La Porta initially.  

The desired player spec is versatile and can play in all positions in the front. He has added the market m . C . 2022 , or next summer.  

Sure, Fehr France aged 21 years was Choi’s dream because it can stand alongside or spears crotch time , quality finish and seniority only 21 years old and had been in the Short list ‘ Azusa A. Rana. ‘ Since he was still playing for Valencia, but the player finally went on an adventure abroad to England last year.  

If the Rat Friendship Store and the Old Mill, the ‘Barca’ was ready to reduce the ceiling to Raheem Sterling , which fell back in place at Rieti Etihad Stadium this time.  

Current Fehr Francesco ‘re treating a broken ankle in October . C . Is expecte to return to training early era 2022.

Nathan Ake has struggled to make his mark on the City starting XI since his £41 million move from Bournemouth last year, and the Blues are reported to be considering offloading the Dutchman before replacing him with one of his international teammates.

And last but not least, Ferran Torres has called Guardiola “a sponge”.