Mertens back in the home league next season

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Belgian national team striker Dries Mertens Do not close the opportunity to move back to the home league. But confirms that he is still happy with Napoli

Mertens has a contract with Napoli until the end of the season. with conditions to extend the contract for another year But this did not rule out the possibility of moving back to the Belgian league during the final phase of his football career.

The 34-year-old striker is about to become a father. After his wife became pregnant with her first child, Mertens is aske about returning to football in her homeland to be closer to her family. “You can’t say there’s no way in football. But I’m very happy at Napoli,” Mertens said. Mertens also spoke about the Belgian national team. 

With the opportunity to win the 2022 World Cup and the opportunity to be named in the national team to play in Qatar Which will be the last tournament itself. “We have to stop saying that the World Cup in Qatar will be the last chance for Belgium to win it. It might be for me and I hope to go there But young, highly talented players are stepping up as well.”