Cavani, the Manchester United striker, looks to the future on his own career path

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Edinson Cavani, the Manchester United striker, looks to the future on his own career path. Just use his efforts to do his best under the Red Devils uniform. As for the future from now on, wherever it ends up, it will be heavenly destiny.

Cavani carrying the body of 34 -year contract with last season under the eaves of Old Tampa, FL Ford’s overall performance is not as scorching season, but injury problems plagued with age. As a result, Uruguay was not call up for the FIFA World Cup qualifiers during this period.  

That gives ‘ Edie ‘ time to sit for an interview with radio station ‘ Del Sol ‘ to think about the end of the 2021-22 season and what to do next. 

“As for the future, people have no way of knowing what will happen. Sometimes you may think that it is at now, then it’s best. Or there are times when we think that we don’t get what we want – life takes a different turn and starts in a different way. Then change is eternal, ” Cavani said from his experience in the industry for a long time.

“ Today I just want to recover from injury as quickly as possible to help the agency and the national team. ”

“In the end it depends on our needs. Because I’m 100% dedicated to football. So I’d like to come back and play for the rest of the month of the current season. Do your best to create the best results. ”

The flow of Cavani’s free return to South America has both ended up in the favorite team of Boca Juniors in Argentina. Or stay with the camp of the superpowers of the Brasilero League, Brazil.